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Welcome to our international travel website!

Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas.

We created this website to inspire and help international travelers to take trips to foreign countries, regardless of their age, health, or financial situation. International travel can be low-cost, safe and carefree.

In these pages and blogs, we describe our personal travel experiences, good and bad, our emotions, fears, excitement.

Who will benefit from our advice? Our recommendations are aimed not just at Baby Boomers like us, but also at the younger and the older generations as well.

Why should you listen to us? We think that we earned the right to advise on international travel after our almost 30 years of traveling through 74 countries. And many of these countries we visited more than once.

Isn’t it expensive? We are not rich. We must budget our trips carefully. We think that it’s better to take frequent quality international trips than to dump our entire traveling budget on one expensive trip.

We are greedy planet eaters

We are the Greedy Travelers.

Doesn’t matter how many waterfalls we saw – there are still hundreds more to discover. So what if we tasted lots of exotic dishes – we want to try them all. We have been on thousands of hiking trails, but there are thousands of other trails that we want to explore.

We are greedy, and we are not ashamed, because we are greedy not for wealth, for power or for any material possessions. We are greedy TRAVELERS!

In our blogs, you’ll find recommendations for best but affordable destinations, attractions, and accommodations around the world.

We hope that our articles and travel tips will encourage and inspire you to explore different cultures, see the world’s beauty, try new cuisines, expand your mind, and stay young while doing it.

On any journey, you may encounter unexpected problems or inconveniences. But this is the nature of any travel. If you treat any travel as an adventure, it’s easier to handle challenges and inconveniences. Later you forget most of the unpleasant events and remember the good ones.

Why do we love traveling so much?

Exploring the world helps you understand other nations.

We love the excitement of going to another country. We love the feeling of being explorers, who discover new lands, different cultures, customs, languages, currencies.

We love experiencing all the challenges that go along with traveling. When we travel, we are more spontaneous. Traveling gives us an adrenaline rush.  After many years of international travel, we became addicted to this feeling.

Leap into the unknown!

Travel is a wonderful adventure.

You leave your home with its familiar surroundings and daily routine and rush into the unknown. Before you went to the airport you presumed that you thought over all the details of your trip to an unfamiliar country.

You have extended your passport in advance and took care of a visa. You read about this foreign country in the encyclopedia and travel guides. You have thrown aside the idea of traveling on your own and bought a group trip with a tour guide.

In other words, you tried to foresee everything. But you cannot envision what might happen when you travel. Prepare for the fact that on the road you will have unexpected events.

Prepare for the fact that not everything will be smooth. But that’s what makes a journey so enticing and turns it into a wonderful adventure.

About us

Hello! We are Elena & Alexander, the Florida-based world travelers, and bloggers. We are humbled to admit that we visited only 74 out of 197 countries in the world. But we are greedy travelers, and we want to visit at least 74 countries more.


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