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Travel tips

Advice on how to pack light, what to eat in foreign countries,
how to stay safe abroad, where to get passports and visas,
how to find travel insurance, and much more.

Keep your wallet out of sight.

Be aware of pickpockets

I pride myself on being an experienced traveler. But despite all my multiple trips, solo or with groups, I made two stupid mistakes in Lisbon, Portugal…  (continue reading)

Travel with one carry-on and one personal item.

How to pack light

The secret of how to pack light is simple: travel with one carry-on and one personal item (just a backpack without a carry-on is even better)…   (continue reading)

On the first day after arrival, the jet lag is the worst.

How to fight jet lag

On long trips, when you fly through multiple time zones jet lag can become an unpleasant problem. Jet lag symptoms -insomnia, fatigue, sleepiness, mild nausea…  (continue reading)

Food abroad may look seductive, but isn't it dangerous to eat?

How to eat safely abroad

I love international travel for many reasons, and one of the reasons is to get the taste of unfamiliar food. When I visit foreign countries, I like to try local cuisine…  (continue reading)

Losing your passport abroad can be very stressful.

Do not lose your passport!

Even if you have a copy of your passport, you can get stuck in another country for some time. It never happened to me, but there were quite a few situations…  (continue reading)

Some of optional tours are not worth your time and money.

Pros and cons of optional tours

There are several pros and cons regarding optional tours. Some of these extra trips are not worth your time and money, and there are a few that you should definitely take…  (continue reading)

Solo travel disadvantages for seniors.

Solo travel disadvantages

For single senior travelers disadvantages of independent travel overweight advantages. Independent travel involves a huge amount of organization and preparation…   (continue reading)

Depressed travelers – a rare exception.

To fight depression – travel!

Being in a new exciting place will make you forget your real or imaginary troubles. You will pay attention to the new sights and the people around you…  (continue reading)

We remember all our celebrations of New Year's Eve in foreign counties.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Abroad

To make New Year’s Eve unique and memorable we try to spend it abroad. We remember very vividly all of our New Year’s Eve celebrations in other countries…  (continue reading)

Find out as much as possible about the country that you want to visit.

How to be safe while traveling abroad

These days some Americans do not want to travel to other countries because of safety concerns. Yes, the world became more violent…  (continue reading)

Extended inactivity creates health problems.

Staying active on the road

Some days the tour itinerary requires prolonged airplane/bus/train hauls. We get tired of sitting for too long. Also, extended inactivity creates health roblems…  (continue reading)

About us

Hello! We are Elena & Alexander, the Florida-based world travelers, and bloggers. We are humbled to admit that we visited only 74 out of 197 countries in the world. But we are greedy travelers, and we want to visit at least 74 countries more.


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